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Lost in music

For his July 2012 concert in Ulm, Elton John requested that the Münster bells were silenced.

Forums dedicated to helping new residents in Germany and Switzerland provide mixed views on the delights of living in an apartment close to a church or Münster. Münster or Monster in English describes a church with a bloody great bell. Our Münster is armed with a 3850 kg Monster, Die Christusglocke, together with some other lower calibre weaponry. These bells have been funded by voluntary donations as part of the extensive restoration of St. Stephan’s Münster. Continue reading


An unravelling mystery

“It’s awful undermining to the intellect, German is; you want to take it in small
doses, or first you know your brains all run together
Mark Twain – A Tramp Abroad

I have lived in a small town in Germany for one year. My home is on the right bank of the Southern Rhine with a view across the river to France and its huge Wrigley chewing gum factory and only a 40 minute mad dodge through herds of a pug ugly Swiss 4WD white BMW’s along the Autobahn from Switzerland. Continue reading

Everybody’s gotta be somewhere

Everybody’s gotta be somewhere!”

When I told a neighbour on the Isle of Man that I was moving to live in Germany he advised me that the Manx are “bored abroad” and that the troubles of the world are caused by people who don’t stay where they are put. There is more than a smidgen of truth in the anecdote about the Manx crab:

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