Local people

11 o’clock, 11th day, 11th month. I am  sitting on a bench on a railway platform in Breisach on the French German border, waiting on a train to take us north to where the wind blows after half a decade living on the calm right bank of the Old Rhine.
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Sentier du Littoral – Walking the Blue Coast

In May the Cote D’Azur’s Sentier du Littoral is coastal path paradise and a beachcomber’s delight. There are very few other filthy tourists and the rocky coves are piled high with driftwood. Continue reading


Moby Dick, my Gideons bible, lives in the bedside drawer. Ahab’s Pequod is always ready to sail and carry me away on nights when sleep does not come easy.

The last time I was in Heidelberg I pinched some wi-fi from a coffee shop. If the founders of the coffee shop chain had stayed with their first idea they would have called it Pequod but in the end they decided to name it after the first mate aboard the whaler, Starbuck. Continue reading

Vine time

I took a  break from walking beaches to take part in this year’s grape harvest. A Winzermeister from a nearby town invited me to help and I thought a little manual labour would do me no harm.  Continue reading

Wild English

In the three years I have spent mostly in Germany I have reached the dizzy level of a 2-year-old in my German language skills. But to be fair to toddlers I do have more screaming tantrums. What has been a surprise though is that I have started to lose track of the changes in English usage. Continue reading

My Hebridean Way

In May/June 2014 I walked the west coast of the Outer Hebrides from Vatersay to the Butt of Lewis. This is a brief account of my treasure hunt.

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Not the TGO Challenge gear list

I have enjoyed following on twitter and on blogs the planning of walkers heading out in a couple of days to walk across Scotland on the TGO Challenge. It looks to be hard going but great fun and I am more than a little envious of those stepping out.

In mid-May I will be setting out in a different direction on My (Hebridean) Way, a Munro free beachcombing walk following the west coast of the Outer Hebrides from Vatersay to the Butt of Lewis.

Because I am feeling left out, and by way of thanks to those tweeters and bloggers who have entertained, educated and tempted me through the winter with their gear lists and expedition reports I humbly offer up my own rambling gear list. Continue reading